A Crafty Couple Bringing Farmhouse Charm to Your Home


Carpenterfarmhouse is a family, focused on giving you tailor-made quality decor to accentuate the look of your home. 


In 2016 we started this little business as a way to help make ends meet, little did we know it would grow into so much more. Matt is a combat veteran who was working as a police officer, while Niki was a stay at home Mom with a love for home decor and design. Niki made a hand painted sign that she shared on Facebook, and before she knew it friends and family were placing orders. After years of hard work and love being poured into this small business we have grown beyond what we could have ever imagined. We are so grateful for each and every one of our customers, and we give all of the glory to God.


Precise, Fast Production

We approach every product with care and efficiency, so it complements your home perfectly. As soon as your order is placed, we start cutting your birch wood sign so it can be dispatched for shipping in as soon as 1-4 days. 


Using Safe, Eco-Friendly Birch Wood for Your Custom Signs

Our ¼ inch thick birch wood materials are non-toxic, which is safe for your home and the environment. We want to make our customers happy with our sustainable products. 


Attentive Customer Service

We will work with you, so you get what you want from our charming decor pieces. Customers appreciate our personal, friendly, and helpful customer service approach. We are responsive to questions about sizing, fonts, paint colors, and more. Our goal is to leave you fully satisfied with our products so you’ll be excited to show them off in your home. 


We are grateful to our new and loyal customers who allow us to keep creating  wooden artwork to personalize your home. We look forward to growing even more as our journey continues.